Draughn scores program record 69 wins at Highland Tech | Sports News


However, second-year DHS quarterback Eli Tillery had done most of his damage in the air before Dula’s first visit to the end zone. He capped a 45-yard four-game opener with an 18-yard dart on the left sideline to Connor Pinkerton. His next two touchdowns were thrown from back-to-back throws, a 66-yard Daylin Pritchard serving as a one-game goal and a 15-yard one for Pritchard to complete a 47-yard three-game streak on the offensive third drive. .

Tillery finished 7 of 9 in the air for 122 yards and all three touchdowns.

“We’ve had a great week of training and stepped up the game,” Tillery said. “Everything was focused. We had a good appearance and good execution.

Pritchard, a senior wideout, said he is doing all he can to support his underclassman quarterback and help him improve his craft as the season progresses.

“I’m just trying to trust him, that he’s going to make the right decision,” Pritchard said. “Just put the ball where I can get it. I just have to go get him, and it’s really up to me to make it easier for him.

A 9-yard touchdown pass from quarterback John Robert Abernathy to Riley Cooper just before half-time ended Draughn’s goal and gave the visitors their biggest lead with 51 points.

The mercy rule clock started at the end of the second quarter and continued to the end.

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