Don’t miss your daily Arkesia Grand Prix event at even times!


The new event added with the latest content patch, the Arkesia Grand Prize is a daily event that begins at even hours. That means, 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, and that extends over the whole day. The event starts in all major cities in almost all areas and can only be accessed once per day.

Participating in these events will net you a lot of event currency, named Arkesia Event Coinwhich can then be traded to the event seller, also known as Arkesia Grand Prix Manager. Additionally, currency can be obtained by doing the daily Chaos Dungeons, but only 2 times per day depending on the Resonance Aura.

Trading them will give you the opportunity to get lots of rewards from the seller. For example, you can get special sales such as epic class engravings, additional break-in materials for each gear level, or even get trade items such as Una’s Task [Daily], Sailing Parts Selection Chest [x500].

So doing this is pretty vital to your progress, and the instructions are pretty clear. Don’t miss doing them or else you’ll end up in deficit, and no one really wants that, given the release of the new Abyssal Raid: Argos.

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