Does Skullflower win Battle of the Bands?


Metal Lords is a new teen comedy movie now streaming on Netflix. Written by The iron Throne vet DB Weiss, many fans anticipated this film due to its focus on death metal music. The movie even features a few fun cameos for genre fans. Although not one of the biggest cinematic releases of the year, Metal Lords promises to be a heartwarming coming-of-age movie.

This irreverent comedy follows two teenagers, Kevin (Jaeden Martell) and Hunter (Adrian Greensmith), determined to win the Battle of the Bands competition. However, they need more members of the band and its slim picks at their high school, where most teenagers care more about Justin Bieber than Black Sabbath. Can they find someone else to join their group and win the contest?

Spoilers ahead for Metal Lords.

Whether you watched the movie or not, keep reading for all the answers you need if you’re ready to find out how the movie ends!

Why did the band change their name to Skullflower?

For most of the film, Kevin and Hunter’s band name is initially “Skullf*cker”. But they are forced to change their name before going on stage for the Battle of the Bands after a teacher sees the curse word written on the bass drum and various other equipment. Emily grabs some art supplies and changes the name and logo to make it more family-friendly.

Is Emily joining Skullflower in Metal Lords?

Yes, Emily (Isis Hainsworth) finally joins Skullflower at the end of the film, just in time for their performance in the Battle of the Bands concert.

Do Emily and Kevin reunite in Metal Lords?

Yes, Emily and Kevin reunite and stay together until the end of the movie. As far as I know, Emily never found out that Kevin nearly dated Kendall (Analesa Fisher).

METAL LORDS (2022) Jaeden Martell as Kevin. Creator: Scott Patrick Green/NETFLIX

Does Skullflower win Battle of the Bands in Metal Lords?

Unfortunately no. The group does not win the contest. As the song “Machinery of Torment” proves to be a huge hit with the audience, Hunter breaks his leg onstage, leading to an early end to their performance.

It’s totally metal, and the whole fiasco has Skullflower making headlines with a front-page story. But Mollycoddle wins the all-around. Surprisingly, Hunter is okay with this in the end, though he, Emily, and Kevin all agree to continue training. I’m sure they will participate again next year.

What song does Skullflower perform in the contest?

Skullflower performs an original song called “Machinery of Torment”. The song was composed for the film by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, who also produced the film.

Does Metal Lords have a post-credits scene?

The end of the film shows Skullflower training during the credits. After that, there are no additional scenes, so don’t expect a middle or post-credits scene at the end of Metal Lords.

Flow Metal Lords on Netflix.


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