Diablo Immortal Players Will Be Able To Change Classes Starting Tomorrow


Diablo Immortal players will soon be able to convert their current character to a new class every seven days with a new update, which will also introduce a new limited-time event and endgame encounter.

Announced ahead of the release of Blizzard’s first mobile ARPG but with no release date for the feature’s implementation, we now have more details on how class switching will actually work thanks to a new Blizzard blog post. By visiting the new Shifting Flames brazier in Westmarch, players can change classes once every seven days at no cost. Players will have the option to immediately revert to that character’s previous class if they decide they made a mistake. Blizzard states that it will not allow players to purchase the ability to change class more frequently.

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Characters that undergo a class change will have placeholder equipment with a rank equivalent to the equipment equipped by the character before the class change, and equipment equipped by the previous version of the character will be placed in the inventory of the player. Players will be able to customize their appearance during the change, and Paragon Points will also be reset. All Clan, Warband, and Social Group affiliations will be retained.

While Class Change is definitely the star of Diablo Immortal’s next update, new events and rewards are also on the way. A new reward track called Hero’s Journey is added, which will reward players with various items as they complete challenges that scale in difficulty at higher Paragon levels.

A new event, the Path of the Adventurer, will allow players to complete tasks to earn extra gold, enchanted dust, and scrap materials, with a special portrait frame awarded for completing 16 tasks and a legendary crest awarded for completing 20 tasks. The event will run from July 20 to August 30. The Hungering Moon, Diablo Immortal’s first limited-time event, will also return from July 29-31.

Finally, a new raid boss is coming to the Helliquary. Gorgothra the Claimer will be added on August 2, although Blizzard hasn’t revealed what combat level players will need to have reached to take on the new boss.

Diablo Immortal, which is a free-to-play game, was heavily criticized when it launched in June for its various microtransactions and “pay-to-win” legendary gem system, even though it reportedly grossed over $50 million over the course of his first month. Blizzard has yet to respond to complaints about the game’s monetization, with Blizzard President Mike Ybarra instead defending the game’s monetization model in a recent interview. Amid backlash against Diablo Immortal, Blizzard clarified that while the upcoming Diablo IV will have an in-game microtransaction store, it will only be for optional cosmetics and there will be no way to spend money. real money for gambling power.

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