Ben Simmons’ commercial value is “quite high”


City talk since the time the Philadelphia 76ers were knocked out of the playoffs, many have speculated whether Ben simmons still has some commercial value to its name. Once considered a player who could have landed the Sixers James harden, Simmons’ recent playoff performance (or lack thereof) has made many people think he is still of considerable value compared to the rest of the NBA.

However, according to a recent comment from Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated on Bill Simmons “The ring” podcast, Ben Simmons still holds some business value in the league:

“I hear executives all the time liking this ‘Ben Simmons Business Value Has Cratered’ conversation because they hope Philadelphia believes it. I think its commercial value is actually higher than what is portrayed publicly. But you’re going to continue to hear a lot of negativity around Ben Simmons.

“In other words, I think people like him quite a bit in the league because I think there is a belief that someone is going to figure out the shooting trick.”

NBC Sports’ Kurt Helin added the following when it comes to what the future former Philadelphia 76ers point guard can add to the team interested in trading for him:

Simmons is an all-star player who averaged 14.3 points and 6.9 assists per game last season while finishing second in the Defensive Player of the Year vote – he is still an outstanding player. The one who brings a lot of value to the court.

Morey is not going to negotiate low on him. It will take an All-Star level player who would suit Joel Embiid well to get into the conversation.

Simmons’ next team needs to build his confidence, focus him on improving his shot and trust him, but also put him in positions where he can be successful on the court (and build his confidence with that). Get the man the ball in his hands in transition. Their next team always gets an All-Star player who can help them win games, although all fans might remember the past dunk. NBA executives should be able to see beyond that.

Philadelphia 76ers goalie Ben Simmons’ market is better than you might think.

Mannix and Helin both hit the nail on the head in their comments, and we’re already seeing Simmons’ above-average value reveal itself in the open market. The Indiana Pacers reportedly offered Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick in Philadelphia for Simmons, an offer Daryl Morey quickly turned down.

That’s a pretty steep starting price for a player many deemed “broken” after his recent second-round fights against the Atlanta Hawks.

Simmons is a single player with unique skills, but there are a number of teams around the NBA who would kill for an All-Star on multiple occasions with DPOY potential. While Philly obviously views their exit in Round 2 as a monumental collapse, many smaller market franchises would view overtaking Round 1 as a Success.

A team like the Minnesota Timberwolves, who are already heavily linked to Simmons, haven’t won a playoff since 2004.

Rider or no rider, there is no doubt that all signs point to Daryl Morey being able to secure a fair enough return for Simmons when it comes to an impending trade.


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