Austin FC partners with nonprofits to provide better access to games


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin FC has drawn fans from all over central Texas.

Fans like Allison Watkins are thrilled to have a professional team in Austin now.

“These games are so exciting, and it feels like the center of the universe,” Watkins said.

But attending a professional sporting event can get expensive, which is why the club has a few programs to help everyone see a game.

“We want to build a club for all of Austin,” said Kaitlin Swarts, vice president of community impact with Austin FC. “Austin FC provides affordable, community-based tickets to the central Texas community.”

So far, the organization has worked with around 40 nonprofits, providing discounted tickets or free tickets, and each match distributes around 300 tickets.

“They don’t always have the opportunity whatsoever, it could be for educational, linguistic or financial reasons,” said David Porter IV, program coordinator with Breakthrough Central Texas.

Breakthrough Central Texas is helping students prepare for college, and recently the students she works with were able to attend a game.

“They were able to donate tickets to our program and we were able to take 40 students and their families to the Austin FC game,” Porter said.

While most tickets start at $ 64, the club reduces prices for community groups and those serving the area.

“We are also offering discounted $ 20 tickets to local community groups and civic group organizations that serve the central Texas community,” Swarts said.

Austin Parks Foundation was another group capable of bringing a large group to the game.

“We got people to take their elderly parents to the game,” said Watkins. “We had people taking their children.

It’s a way to connect with the community, but also to make sure that everyone can participate in a game.

“Being able to watch one of those games should be something that anyone can do,” said Watkins. “Not just the elites. Not just the people who have the funds.

Austin FC wants more nonprofits to reach out to tickets and be part of the program.


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