Arceus gets a Piplup event with Roost


Pokemon Legends: Arceus is hosting an event in February for players to get an exclusive Piplup with the Roost move, a popular competitive pick.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is just over a week away from its official worldwide release, and many gamers are excited to play a new Pokemon game which is also very different from the main titles in many ways. The fact that Pokemon Legends: Arceus delving more into strategy is a fantastic shift for the whole series, as it could mean the mainline releases, starting with the Gen 9 games, could build on this groundbreaking turn-based combat where actions influence speed and power. This is something the community has been asking for for years, given that in-game battles outside of the competitive scene can feel a bit too easy and disappointing.


However, there are also rumors about Pokemon Legends: Arceus significantly reducing its move pool, meaning players will have more control over their choices and optimization at the expense of diversity. With breeding items and detainees apparently removed from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, moves are more important than ever, and having the right combinations of Pokemon types or movesets can make all the difference, even if this is primarily a single-player game.

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However, compatibility with Pokemon Home will apparently come further, and even if the game’s Pokemon lack abilities, they will have them when transferred to Pokémon Sword and Shield, for example. In this respect, it is all the more remarkable that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will have an event where players can get a Piplup with a very particular move set, which includes Roost. Roost is a very popular flying move in the competitive community, with Pokemon like Zapdos often sporting it in tournaments. Additionally, the Piplup evolution line never had access to Roost, which makes this Pokemon unique and valuable.

Roost will also be a valuable addition when it comes to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which is said to be a rather difficult game where it’s not uncommon for players and coaches to pass out while exploring the Hisui region. The distribution of the event will also affect Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl, who are given a different version of Piplup with a more consistent moveset – but still a good treat. The event appears to be exclusive to Japan, but it’s not unlikely that the same will happen worldwide at a later date.

Recently, a Pokemon leaker revealed the list of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and this information—along with the fact that new moves are available and many old ones have been dropped—can help trainers make thoughtful decisions with their teams. Still, even though the exclusive Piplup with Roost event isn’t streaming worldwide, fans of the little penguin will still be able to catch it in the wild.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases on Nintendo Switch on January 28.

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