Apex Legends does not load after updating the Genesis event; is well-known


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The original story (published June 30, 2021) follows:

The Apex Legends Season 9 Genesis Collection Event Update went live yesterday and brought the new event, the return of maps, and several balance changes.

Return cards include Kings Canyon Season 0, World’s Edge Season 3, and the Skull Town Arenas map. Some of the balance changes include nerves for Octane and Bloodhound and changes for Revenant.

Along with this, weapons like the P2020, Spitfire, 30-30 Repeater, and Longbow have also undergone much-needed changes.

However, several bugs also managed to add to all of the above new features. Apex Legends players have complained that the game won’t load, crash, or throw errors.

Help issue or something, this screen now appears every 4-5 seconds, even in the lobby and the banner doesn’t load, plus the champion’s banner and random teammates have also experienced it, as well as many others. ‘others (PS4 server / singapore)

The Bloodhound banner frame is currently broken (on ps4 at least “and will cause your game to crash if you see it, please draw attention to this so that respawn can fix it!

But not all of the above complaints. There are also many reports of lag that is ruining the game, server connection failures, lack of hit recording, loot recovery issues, movement bugs and freezes in the game. the main menu.

Some players cannot play the game at all because the game freezes while loading and remains on a black screen indefinitely. And when it does work, the game’s CPU usage remains unusually high.

While Apex Legends not loading issue appears to be limited to PC, almost all other bugs are reproducible on all other platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Users have already tried basic workarounds like changing servers, force shutting down, restarting the system, and even reinstalling the game without any benefits.

Thankfully, Respawn today released official acknowledgment regarding the issue that prevents matchmaking for Masters + players.

While other issues have apparently been overlooked, chances are the game developer is aware of them and is working to resolve them along with the matchmaking issue.

Respawn has stated, however, that an issue with the “Frag Out” banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart is the cause of the game crashes, and unequipping them may help.

That said, we’ll continue to keep an eye out for the matter for further development and update this article accordingly, so stay tuned. For more stories like this, don’t forget to visit our section dedicated to games.

Update 1 (July 02)

Respawn has confirmed that it has temporarily disabled the Frag Out banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart in order to eliminate the bug associated with them.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s issue regarding the “Frag Out” banner frames for Bloodhound and Rampart, we’ve decided to temporarily disable them in order to override the bug associated with them. (Source)

Apart from that, those experiencing high CPU usage while playing Apex Legends can check out this workaround shared by users:

so the temporary fix is ​​to open origin or steam, depending on what you are using, then in task manager go to origin / steam.exe, go to details and set affinity to 0-7. then in launch options add fps_max 144 or 190 or whatever you prefer. it helps, but my GPU still runs like 5 degrees warmer than normal. (Source)

Update 2 (July 03)

In response to a user’s complaint about the “stuck on load issue”, EA Support claimed they were aware of the issue and were working on a fix.

This is a known issue and our games team is aware of it. Don’t worry at all, as the team will fix this ASAP. (Source)

Update 3 (July 05)

One of the leaders of the EA Forums community is to suggest affected players to try to repair the game on the affected platform.

Can you try to repair / verify the game depending on which platform you are on?

Update 4 (July 6)

For those of you facing the issue of high CPU consumption after updating Genesis, the following video may help resolve the issue.

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