All Revealed During Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event


Today Capcom hosted a live presentation to review the upcoming Sunburn expansion for Rise of the Monster Hunter. The company had a lot to show for the massive DLC drop, like the new outpost where players will take on quests, new monsters, new story details, and even a preview of some combat abilities for hunters to take advantage of. .

With all these new details from the 20-minute presentation, this article will summarize all the major reveals and announcements that Rise of the Monster Hunter players need to know.


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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date and Price


The first thing that has the most monster hunter fans will want to know Sunburn is its official release date and price. It was revealed during today’s digital event that the paid DLC will launch on June 30, 2022 for Switch and PC. As for the price of the expansion, the standard digital edition will be $39.99, which was the same price for the Ice cream expansion for Monster Hunter: World. Pricing details weren’t discussed during the presentation, which was a weird thing to omit, but the information was later posted on Capcom’s press site.

There is a more expensive version of Sunburn expansion, dubbed the Deluxe Edition, which includes bonus content such as layered armor sets, gestures, and hairstyles – this one costs $49.99. There is also the limited collector’s edition of Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun which is physical only and comes with a digital code for the Deluxe Edition of Sunburnas well as physical items like a sticker pack, pin, steelbook case, and Malzeno amiibo – this one costs $99.99.

New central city


Sunburn will take players out of Kamura Village and drop them into a whole new area called the Elgado Outpost. It’s a research town in a distant land that has a more medieval vibe compared to the old-school Japanese aesthetic of Kamura. Players will still have access to all the necessities any hunter needs, like a forge, merchant, canteen, and there’s even a new young female NPC to give out quests named Chichae.

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New monsters


Several new (and returning) monsters were introduced during the Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun expansion, but there are three in particular that players need to know about as they understand the Three Lords. By teaming up with the Knights of the Royal Order of the Kingdom, it will be up to the players to take down the monsters to save the land. The three monsters are Malzeno, the flagship monster, Garangolm, and Lunagaron.

According to the official monster hunter site, Malzeno is an ancient dragon “covered in elegant silver scales”. He can essentially drain the life force of other creatures and can even take on a “more sinister appearance” after doing so. Garangolm is another brand new monster in the series that uses its rock-hard body to deflect most hunter attacks. He also has a relationship with nature and can use a sap-like fluid to harden the ground he walks on, as well as his body.

And then there’s Lunagaron, a beast-like wyvern that looks like a wolf with icicles sticking out of its body. He apparently has an organ in his body that can immediately chill the air he breathes, which doesn’t seem like a good time if that frozen air is blown at hunters.

Returning Monsters


As for the return of the monsters, it was revealed that the ferocious electricity-using Astalos is making a comeback after its first appearance in Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS. Bishaten from the basic version of Rise of the Monster Hunter has a variant called Blood Orange Bishaten which focuses on using attacks that can potentially burn players out if they’re not too careful. And, players have already heard about Shogun Ceanataur in a previous announcement, but it’s a big crab-like monster that returns from Monster Hunter 2.

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The update that arrives the same day as the Sunburn The expansion will give players all sorts of new ways to traverse locations and fight monsters. There will be new Silkbind moves for all 14 weapons, wall running has been improved allowing players to run on walls without performing Wiredash, new types of Wirebugs are appearing, and there are puppet spiders that can be picked up and used to take control of a monster and essentially pull it in any direction it chooses, potentially causing the monsters to topple over.

Details are scarce, but there will also be new tools for Palamutes and Palicos, such as a mounted gun.

New regional settings


Capcom has been quiet about revealing any new locations for the Sunburn expansion, but the company showed off one today, and it’s called Citadel. Instead of focusing on just one type of environment, it looks like this place will be massive and have snow-capped peaks and lush forests, as well as abandoned medieval castles and grimy swamps.

Rise of the Monster Hunter has five locations for players to explore, so fans can expect a few more to be announced for Sunburn closer to the early summer launch date.

Rise of the Monster Hunter is now available for PC and Switch. the Sunburn the expansion will launch globally on June 30, 2022.

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Source: Capcom

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