5 LA Rams players who must appear against the Raiders


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There are always two sides to a debate. On one side there is face, on the other face, two sides of the same coin. In fact, much of what we know is made up of opposites or binary thoughts. To be or not to be, that is the question. And for all good, there is evil. For all the highs there are corresponding lows. It’s a tricky business to be the head coach of the NFL. When guys are feeling down and down, it’s his job to motivate and generate excitement. When they are overconfident, feel too good about themselves, it is like good soggy rain that puts out blazing fires and helps water new growth.

Guess what version of head coach Seam McVay was after the LA Rams’ joint practice with the Dallas Cowboys? Well, he wasn’t cheering for sure.

It was before, it is now. This week, the LA Rams participated in two joint training sessions with the Las Vegas Raiders. This week the LA Rams were a little fiery, a little more competitive. The offense was a bit more synchronized, and the defense had a hard time. It was a good exchange of football skills, and for all intents and purposes it was more about getting newbies into an NFL rhythm.

But now the two teams get to work. Today’s preseason game isn’t about setting the starters or putting them in a rhythm. No, tonight’s competition is more than a drumbeat or soccer choreography. This one concerns the future of the careers of many players in the NFL. 10 players will be excluded three days after today’s competition. 27 players will be sacked just a week after that. Yet even players who may believe they’ve won a place in the roster have to play hard to cement that belief in reality. Here are some Rams players who need to play well against the LA Rams.

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