Housing loan PLN 250 thousand Estimate loan installments, compare banks

Housing loan PLN 250 thousand? If you are looking for a loan to buy a flat, then in this case, use the mortgage loan comparer and find out which bank or financial intermediary to contact about the loan.

A housing loan (of course it is a mortgage loan) granted for a specific purpose. In this case, it is the purchase of an apartment. The mortgage loan can also be used to finance the purchase of another real estate or a construction investment.

The price of the mortgage is much lower compared to other forms of lending. Interest rate on a housing loan consists of two parts:

  • bank’s margin,
  • Jabank.

The margin determines how much the bank actually earns on the loan. Jabank (in the case of loans in PLN) is a variable part and shows what is the cost of money at a particular point in the market and it may change over time.

Calculator of loan installments: housing loan PLN 250 thousand. The value of the flat: PLN 350,000.

Housing loan PLN 250 thousand banks and intermediaries

Housing loan PLN 250 thousand banks and intermediaries

If you want to contact a bank or financial intermediary regarding a housing loan, you can choose an entity from the list below:

A housing loan may be contracted for several years, but also for a much longer period of time, e.g. 30 or 35 years. The housing loan must be granted in the currency in which we obtain the majority of income. Housing loans in foreign currency, in francs or US dollars, virtually disappeared from the market.

A housing loan is a loan secured by a mortgage, i.e. an entry in the land and mortgage register. Means:

  • the necessity to establish a land and mortgage register in which mortgage for a specific property is entered,
  • if the loan is not repaid, the bank takes over the property, in this case the flat.

According to the Mortgage Loan Act, a mortgage can only be granted by banks and credit unions. The loan can not be granted by loan companies.